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Strategy Department


About Strategy Department

Strategy study team of Ara Holding group with combination of post graduate students and masters of strategy management and policy making at Tehran, Sharif, Shahid Beheshti, Allameh Tabatabei and Tarbiat Modares universities with a strong background of codification, and strategy evolution, into variable fields with small or immense level, has been formed. It has tried that always last methods and knowledge of the world have been used, in order to improve competitiveness and receiving to goals, In the way of presenting the best possible services to customers.

Services of the Strategy Department:

Ara Strategy study services are presented in the following four levels:

  1. International level
  2. Reginal level
  3. National level
  4. Firm level

Which included the following cases:

  1. Codification of strategy in certainly and uncertainly situation,
  2. Codification of strategy base on scenario,
  3. Advancing, Supporting and evolution of strategy,
  4. Conversion of strategy to action,
  5. Codification strategy for profit and non-profit organizations,
  6. Feasibility of economical plans
  7. Educational Strategy (Ara Educational Department



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