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About Marketing Department

After Industrial Revolution, concentration of producers was on increasing of products and unlimited offering of them in the market. However, gradually and by intensifying of competition, consumers look for goods with higher quality and some that give more options rather than others. During recent decades the manufacturers understood in addition to just produce, they required broad implications in regard to sale.

So, marketing science in respond to this necessary need came to know. Marketing management is based on activities that it’s goal is making a product by distinct competitive advantage to satisfy the customers, with aim of keeping customers and their loyalty to specific brand, increasing goals of target market and also providing new possible opportunities in the future.

Marketing department of Ara Holding Company by commercialization of value-creation ideas, would try to keep a progressive pace to be one of the leading units on the foresaid field.

All activities of marketing department is categorized into three main directions;

  1. Process: In this step, a comprehensive analysis of the current situation of the customer is done. Considering of leadership status, challenging, or follow the audience in the target market, market share, place of products in relate to customers, product competitive advantages, distribution channels and promotional programs will be assessed at this stage.
  2. Advancement: in this part of the association of the ideas with the audience, we tried to consider the current situation and capacities, for a comprehensive program to increase sales and market share.
  3. Support: “practice makes perfect”, in this stage, Market Department activities focused on providing solutions to ensure market share and making barriers for competitors. Keeping track of sales is among the activities which carry out in this stage.

The most important services provided by the Marketing Department;

  1. Analysis of the competitive situation,
  2. Codification and implement a marketing plan,
  3. Codification and implementation comprehensive advertising campaign,
  4. Codification and implementation of marketing research,
  5. Market management training course. (ARA Educational Department)


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