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Graphical Department

About Design & Graphic Department

Design & Graphic team of Ara Holding Company is organized of graduated students of graphic at high prestigious universities of Iran. With experience and professional expertise in graphic design, layout and monitoring print could prove their speed and creativity in idea and implementation and also on time delivery.

Introduction and Services provided by Design & Graphic Department;

Ara Design & Graphic Department team encompasses two parts, Consultation and performance that relying on experience and being up to date in methods and high power projects assigned in the field of graphic design which contains:

  1. Design of poster and banners,
  2. Catalogs and brochures organizational design,
  3. Designing for office,
  4. Design trade show “LOGO”,
  5. Book design and magazine cover design and layout,
  6. Providing advertisement advice and proper monitoring in printing cases,
  7. Training in various areas of graphic design. (ARA Educational Department).

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